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Lightbulb Emulation (next big seller ?)

A pcb board via usb, pci, pci-x slot. That have all the old and latest os on available via flashable ic chips. Flashable as in the device chips could have all or any the user chooses to have. Flashable so user has full control of his/her own decisions as to what the board contains.

Since hardware and pc's becoming faster and more powerful. The board is full multitasking. Maybe all amiga os's could be run at the same time. Or even multi os's at the same time. Of course many may just want one at a time again user choice what they want.

Interact fully with pc hardware, as long as board or os'd has driver for using. I know more could come of this, it's born mainly from the fact of. Why are clones still independant hardware just for that os or other likes. If was also usb so that notebooks and media consoles could join in, but is usb good enough. If usb3 proven reliable why not ?

Though i would also want a pc desktop device. If the usb3 device was to be sub par to a pc device in terms of features and speed. I think would be because of no space on baord for ic chips, yet ic chips are getting better.

Ok initial design and production costs would be high. Like with any new concept to launch.

Drawback - ok the device could legaly be made and sold without problems.
Software - Free downloadable free to everyone. Spread web wide and local wide so its out there for all. DVD would include, all os's that is now every where has a site section, there would even be one here for the amiga os's.

Ok i know your thinking mame machine, mame that many many os can be run under. OK but think bigger and hardware via large mb ic chips hat are fully user flashable for what they need. Flashable with a complete backup solloution more so for flash fails (no such bios ic like bad flashes).

Upgradable via cli and pc gui interface, to suit all users. Device is for all os's use, just need to use the right cli or gui interface for flashing via chosen os.

To make billions quickly, sell cheaply (don't build shit). Sold expensive means less sales, the device will be cloned and sold cheaper. Keep affordable and cheap, soon everyone will want one. Giving no market gap profit for others to clone the device. Be greedy leads to poor sales, and more competition, remember china or japan etc will beat you on price if greedy. Who knows this could a 'next big seller' everyone wants one.

The first ic was sold at loss (couldn't even make them for $1 each). Instantly made profitable, every manufacture needed them, to sell us products we use daily, imagine life without the ic .
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