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Originally Posted by Flink View Post
Have you guys seen the latest news on Hyperion having full ownership of the AmigaOS? What do you think?

* Are we going to see more hardware running AmigaOS in the short run?
* What about old G3 and G4 Macs? Do you think it is worth the time to port to this (obsolete) platform?
That's a tough question. We know that OS4 was ported over to the MacMini ages ago and it was only unreleased because of the legal BS. The trouble is that ACube is the supplier of OS4 hardware and would not be a happy bunny if you could also run OS4 on a Mac (eg nobody would buy any more SAM's and imagine how bad all those recent SAM owners would feel).

So although it would be an easy option for them, it's not that simple. They also may not want to go to the trouble of porting to hardware you can't buy new (which is not exactly forward looking IMHO).

Then again with Morph going that way, Hyperion might feel some pressure to follow suit.

I think the best OS4 supporters can hope for in the near future is some steady (and much needed) OS4 enhancements along with some more powerful SAM HW (eg the 460). Longerterm there is no reason that OS4 could not end up on x86.
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