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Originally Posted by DDNI View Post
hmmm, bad analogies... Lets see.... you love your granny dont ya....? She's different to how she was 25 years ago too....
Actually, I had two...

"I loved my grannies! They both had a charming personality, they were modest but nice all the time. You always felt good after a visit; even if they only had old style sugary candy, it was candy. They were quiet, grey and wrinkled and didn't care for the latest DVD movies or 3D games, but their tea and smalltalk was relaxing and when the visit was over I felt I had visited a good old friend."

grannies=Commodore Amigas
wrinkles=plastic ventilation grille

It's YOU who neglect your grandmas and only spend time with young models hoping their prominent features will soon be in everybody's hands! You... you PIMP!!

*bitter look of accusation and waving of index finger*


(Phew... that was too much work... giving birth to quintuplets would be less painful... no more please! )
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