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Sorry, I should have known you guys wouldn't let something this big slip through...

I think if you boil it down (and I've said this before), the Amiga was a really nice machine, quite ahead of it's time in terms of graphics, sound and expandability. Then there was the operating system, a quick, nimble and efficient system, very expandable, very flexible, customizable almost without limits. Then there was the community. I mean, us. This great platform that was/is the Amiga attracts great people. Smart people, creative people, great gamers.

Amiga (Hardware). AmigaOS (Operating System). Us (Community). We're still here, aren't we? We have no "special" hardware anymore, and probably never will have. But the AmigaOS has evolved, for better or worse, as AmigaOS 4.1, and we're still here. And without us there never would be any Amiga, not as we know it! We had the biggest software repository on the freakin' planet (Aminet), and that shows just how creative and amazing we were!

Now, I still don't think the Amiga will suddenly jump on the mainstream desktop/laptop computing world, stealing market share from Windows, Mac or Linux. But I believe the Amiga can still be successful in a niche market. We were good at niche markets for quite a long time!

One niche market where I believe the Amiga can make a difference is in embedded systems. The OS is small(ish), efficient and stylish enough. It still needs a couple of things (Java, touch support), but it should be easy enough to drive that way. Give the hardware RS232, RS485, I2C, SMB, GPIO, PWM, and give people APIs to control that cleanly on the AmigaOS. Then market the system for the embedded world.

Also, if Hyperion has vision, they will realize that their number one target for the desktop/laptop market is us. We Amigans. We that were there, supporting the platform when everyone else was jumping ship. Many of us would gladly be early adopters, should a clear Amiga system be sold. I know I would.

We have the people, the talent. We still have the OS. The hardware is not very difficult to arrange in these days of globalization. I don't see why we can't have a successful system (and we don't need 2% market share to be successful).

Ok, this is getting long... am I dreaming too much, or is there any sense in all I've written above?

P.S.: Like others said, even if AmigaOS belongs to Hyperion, do they have the rights to make a partnership with (say) ACube and sell a machine marketed directly as an Amiga? I wish they had...


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