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Originally Posted by DDNI View Post
Anyone but Bill!
Agh, don't say such things, I foresee t-shirts with slogans printed on them...

If you know me, you'll know what was "Amiga" ended with Commodore. If (from Jope's quote) it had been rights in order to develop an M68k kick/WB 3.2, now that would have at least interested me.

Another thing that would interest me would be if ownership of logo and name would go to someone that makes it a name that excites people and creates nice connotations (to young people that don't know it). That would be cool.

Not to be a miser, AmigaOS was innovative and is a very nice experience. But when you change all the software and hardware, how can it be the same thing? Here comes Bad Analogies Inc. again (uh oh) - if your lover changed sex and personality, how could you love er... him as you did, no matter how many face lifts and liposuctions?

Haha, ok I'm gonna bugger off now...
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