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My list (asterisks on the ones I still have):

1983 - Timex Computer 2068 (with Spectrum emulator cartridge)
1987 - Sinclair Spectrum +2 B
1988 - Sinclair Spectrum +3
1989 - Amiga 500 (with 512KB expansion)
1993 - Amiga 1200
* 1994 - Amiga CD32
* 1996 - Amiga 4000 (desktop version, Micronik towerized, Warp Engine, Retina BLT Z3, SCSI-II harddrive and x2 caddy CD-ROM) (leaked battery killed it)
* 1999 - Self-built PC (AMD K6-2 550Mhz, Matrox G400 MAX, translucid blue case, worst new aquisition EVER)
* 2000 - Apple iBook G3 12' laptop (great little machine, had a 12Kg block fall on it's LCD/keyboard while open, the LCD is shattered but the machine still works perfectly with an external display)
* 2001 - Apple PowerMac G4 Dual 867MHz, GeForce Titanium 4800 (my first really powerful computer!)
* 2004 - Apple PowerBook G4 Titanium (667MHz, DVI)
* 2008 - Apple MacPro Quad Xeon 2GHz (powerful, silent, stylish, expandable, very near perfection)
* 2009 - Amiga 1200 (boxed from eBay in great condition)
* 2009 - Spectrum +2 A (boxed from eBay in great condition)
* 2009 - Spectrum +2 B (boxed from eBay in great condition)

Yes, yes, I'm a Mac guy. The first PC I bought for my personal uses was quite a traumatic experience... I'm a software developer, and Windows (2000 at the time) was a horrible knightmare, the Matrox was great but drivers for Win2K were lousy, the soundcard uninstalled itself, etc. My Amiga 4000, wich the PC supposedly substituted, always felt superior in usability. Only in raw processing power the PC showed an enormous advantage, and so I've never really stopped using my Amiga 4000 until I got my first Mac.

MacOS X felt much more advanced than Windows, it's Unix underpinnings were great for Amiga geeks, I finally had tools to substitute ImageFX and Cinema4D (that I could actually use), and I fell in love with MacOS X (to this day). I would never lock myself inside Windows-only software development (and good thing I didn't ), and Xcode has been a great IDE to work with, in Java, C++ and ObjectiveC. On the Mac I have all the cross-platform, open-source development tools I need. I've done a few things on Visual Studio (VB and C++), a couple of proxies and a distributed 3D environment, and believe me, you feel pretty much locked in . I'm a happy camper on the Mac and Java!

Today, I'm searching for my old computers (that I always sold to fund the next one). I've just got a "new" A1200 (oh, the feeling of getting an Amiga!!) and a couple of Spectrums. If someone knows where I can get a Timex Computer 2068 (yes, the Portuguese version), I'm very interested!

These old systems will be used to build a small technology teaching center. The idea is to have kids of all ages programming on all sorts of hardware, like Spectrums, Amigas, Macs, Windows, Linux, Solaris, mobile phones, iPhones, microcontrollers, etc.

Now that Hyperion has all the rights to AmigaOS, I'm dreaming of using an Amiga machine in my embedded projects! If someone has good web links on Amiga Development, please don't be shy!

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