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Hi MethodGit,
Yes Heimdall's one of the casualties.

The news goes something like this:

All 4th Dimension games have been removed from the public server on the IP-holder's request.

On his suggestion I've also pulled the Superior Software & Krysalis titles pending clarification - I've not had any complaints about hosting these, so...
...members can still access these titles pending their (hopeful) return to the public server.

Do you want a member's account..?

FWIW: I'm trying (with the aid of the other admins) to be seen to be running a 'responsible server'. There's nothing to stop us hosting what we want regardless of complaints - the server is housed in it's own hardware, independent of any ISP. I could stick it in a box & post it anywhere else if necessary, and we would be most pleased to be mirrored...
...still, good will counts for a lot and we want to be seen (in time) as a useful resource rather than 'just pirates'. There's a fair bit of our own stuff on there too.
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