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I wanted to get some Atari ST emulator working on my Amigas . I found an emulator on Aminet called ST4Amiga.
I was able to get TOS v1.02 and 2.06. The docs for that emu are not existent, but I was able to figure out that the ST rom must be named TOS.IMG in the root directory. The TOS v1.02 looks like is doing something, all tests are done with that version. I made a bootable disk with the emulator and the TOS image.
Anyway, on A1200 with 030/50Mhz it just reboots, on A2500/30/25Mhz reboots also. On the read me it does say 68000, so on A600 with 2MB Chip ram I was able to get gray screen with black borders, but in few min it reboots to GURU, same with A500 1MB .
Is there any one who made that emu working, or at least boot to the atari desktop?

Thanx in advance.
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