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Recommended Atari Emulators?

No, you're not seeing things!

While it's pretty easy to know which to plump for in regards to Amiga emulation, I've been troubled by what I feel to be one fault too many in many of the oft-bigged-up ST emulators such as STeem and SainT.

I mean STeem...... while it clearly does a lot of good things indeed, I really, really detest the way it forces new file associations on you without a choice, and while it offers a "remove file associations" option, it's always greyed out! Hence I have to adjust my registry everytime I've finished with the program. Not cool.
That, and it appears to be four/five years since the last update, with no more on the horizon.

SainT - Clearly aimed at authenticating the original experience as much as possible, it's a shame it's so grossly limited still (no hard disk support etc).

Hatari - Not very user-friendly at all (to me at least). And it seems a bit more buggy somehow.

So yeah....... where is the Atari community's answer to Toni Wilen when they need one?
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