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Cheers for the information!
You're welcome. It's always good to see people being interested in AmigaOS4

About the JIT, *technically* they could indeed use the UAE one if it was written to be retargetable (I don't know if it was - I haven't looked at it)

but you would need to change the emitted code to PPC...
The author of the UAE-JIT patch was asked about a PPC version and the answer was like "uh, forget it".

I also don't think the GPL licensing would be a problem, all they would need to do is get a special license version from the author (obviously they would have to pay them for that ) and they could use it...
Correct. But Petunia is in development for about two years now and the author is extremely enthusiastic about AmigaOS4. There was not much of a discussion if a UAE-JIT license should be aquired

But I don't know who "owns" the UAE JIT - if anybody.
Bernd "Bernie" Meyer. That's why he could use the same JIT engine for his commercial product "Amithlon".

But it is certainly nice to see one written from scratch - nothing better than doing it yourself Especially being designed from the start to be embedded deep in exec. I think I have more confidence in a commercially written one, purely due to amount of time and dedication needed not to mention quality control.
Btw. Here's a page with some Petunia Benchmarks.

(Please keep in mind that the benchmarks are quite old, that the emulator was running under WarpOS when these
benchmarks were compiled (i.e. it was severely slowed down by context switches) and that the processor
running the emulator was a crippled 603/604 with no L2 cache at all and 32bit memory)

Also - apologies to the "expensive" comment that was made by me - I was comparing Amiga's POP to similar specced *PC* hardware - which is not a fair comparison I realise.
Right. The AmigaOne is an expansive option, but there's no way to compete with x86 manufacturers.

So do you know what they plan to do about Apple? I think they feel they got burned opening the Mac platform before, I don't see why they would do it again... Be (BeOS) found it increasingly difficult to get any info from Apple on the hardware, so how is Amiga planning to?
Hyperion is quite positive that they could port OS4 to the Macintosh without any support from Apple. After
all, the core of MacOS (Darwin) is open source now, most of what you need to know is in there.

This approach may work for an open source/geek OS like Linux, but (and that's a big but) you're
not able to provide the high level of end user support that customers of a commercial solution would expect.

I doubt that anything happens if Apple doesn't want it to happen (i.e. if Apple doesn't hand out developer
documentation). Let's just say there are people talking to other people at the moment , okay

I wouldn't count on it - this way you'll be positively surprised if it happens
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