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Originally Posted by papa_november View Post
So basically, even though there's now a chance in hell of the thing booting on old Macs or even possibly an x86 port, the AmigaOS is still going to be dead without a total open-source overhaul.

So how many decades until people just give up and realise that almost nobody is going to pay money for a now-hopelessly-dated operating system?
You very well could be right about nobody wanting to pay for a new Amiga OS but I would argue that there are just as many that wouldn't touch it if it were open source either. I don't have the time in a given day to sit and browse forums and newsgroups to figure out how to install a network driver, which is why I don't use Linux or any other open source operating system. To me the "nerd street cred" isn't worth the time it takes away from my family and my classic gaming.
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