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Cheers for the information! That does make a lot of sense...

About the JIT, *technically* they could indeed use the UAE one if it was written to be retargetable (I don't know if it was - I haven't looked at it) but you would need to change the emitted code to PPC...

I also don't think the GPL licensing would be a problem, all they would need to do is get a special license version from the author (obviously they would have to pay them for that ) and they could use it... But I don't know who "owns" the UAE JIT - if anybody.

But it is certainly nice to see one written from scratch - nothing better than doing it yourself Especially being designed from the start to be embedded deep in exec. I think I have more confidence in a commercially written one, purely due to amount of time and dedication needed not to mention quality control.

Also - apologies to the "expensive" comment that was made by me - I was comparing Amiga's POP to similar specced *PC* hardware - which is not a fair comparison I realise.

So do you know what they plan to do about Apple? I think they feel they got burned opening the Mac platform before, I don't see why they would do it again... Be (BeOS) found it increasingly difficult to get any info from Apple on the hardware, so how is Amiga planning to?

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