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1. As for saving... It's depens on you how often you save during the game.
2. As for AI... I don't remember any Amiga game which has 'intelligent' enemies. You compare Ruff 'n' Tumble and Zool to Half-Life ????
3. After all, you can always play a multiplayer session of H-L or nearly any modern PC game... and don't compain about the poor AI, which I think in any modern PC game (not only FPP and not only PC game but etc. PSX1/2) is much more advanced to Amiga games.
4. When you even don't try to look at the reality with a little bit objectivism there are just such statements you gave. Just imagine the H-L was an Amiga game and try to estimate it's quality that way.
Btw, I'm not a PC-fan in any way... I just don't live in my own world and I realise the fact how a big step ahead the PCs have done. The last time when Amiga owners had the SUBSTANTIAL reasons to laugh at PC was the early 90s... IMO of course
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