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Tekken 3, Tag and 4 rule. Button mashing? No way! At my uni, TTT is the game of choice, even though it is years old, and the pros there definately don't simply slam any button at random. They are the only 3d fighting games that I enjoy (Virtua Fighters and Dead or Alives are boring, repetitive and lifeless, apart from DoA's females ), and just like others have said, each fight in Tekken games is different, demanding tactics and reflexes. And there is simply so much depth in the games...

Rant over.

Next, I think 3d remakes of games aren't all that great, but not because 3d graphics are ugly, or for such similar reasons. I just think it is a shame that the entire industry has abandoned 2d in favour of 3d. Wouldn't games be more cosmopolitan and attractive with 2d titles along side 3d titles? I think it would be great. This way, the younger generations will discover that 2d graphics aren't "old fashioned," a view they have which is a direct outcome from the 3d saturated market. They will appreciate the artistic beauty of both 2d and 3d, and by doing so, 2d graphics and retro gaming will never be forgotten.
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