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Originally Posted by andreas View Post
zygzak, our German version was with codes and lo' and behold, you DID have to enter them: right at the beginning, that is!
I also remember someplace far later in the game where they demanded the code a SECOND time ...!
Cracker was too fast. I don't know much about cracking so I dunno if cracker can omit some protection zones that appears later in the game or if he should find it without testing from beginning till the end.
Maybe Your German version wasn't from Delphine Collection.
Second password has appeared always on first use of teleport, and I think taxi cab whas the third and last.
I think Delphine could publish FB with full animation like PC version but they want to save one or two discs. Now it is ridicules.
Ah, BTW which crack of FB is the full working now?
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