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Perhaps one of the device drivers as gotten corrupted. What OS are you running?

One thing to try and this will work for most of the Windows flavors out there except NT. Boot the OS into safe mode and then go into Device Manger. Now check out the Sound options and note the device driver(s) that you have for your specific sound card. You should write them down on a notepad or piece of scratch paper. Now highlight each driver and remove them until all the sound card drivers are gone. Sometimes there are phantom devices where duplicates are in there as well, these need to be removed too!

After they have been removed just restart the computer and have the OS redetect the proper device drivers once more. You may need to have your device driver floppy and/or CD handy for this or if you downloaded the latest drivers onto your HD then just redirect the Dialog Browse window to this folder instead.

If the computer needs to be restarted after this then it will tell you so and you will need to restart once more.

One other possible problem could be some other device has changed since you updated the CPU, shouldn't have but on XP there is actually a device driver for the CPU
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