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Picked up an Amiga A1200 yesterday from someone on Freecycle (for those that don't know, Freecycle is a free email group in your local area where people give away absolute rubbish, with the occasional gem).

Loads of original games, box of copied disks. So I started leafing through them having not bothered to bring the boxed A1200 in from the car. Noticing more and more than there was a load of music applications and samples (someone after my own heart) graphics utils etc. I was starting to believe this might not be a vanilla A1200. Had I got a result here?

Dragged it in, noticed the trapdoor was missing with anti static cover sellotaped over it. Removed it, expansion card. Get in!

Long story short, it's a full 020 running at 30mhz with FPU and 4mb of ram. I'm chuffed as since I gave away my 030 card many years ago to my brother (regretfully!) I've been using just a ram expansion. Sysinfo rates it as a touch faster than an A3000 030 25mhz.

Ok the A1200 does some funky flashing thing on bootup, hence my thread elsewhere. But I've got a load of games to sell on / give away, another A1200 as a spare and a lovely expansion card. All for free
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