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Originally Posted by DamienD View Post
PS. If you read some of the posts in the thread "Fixing Flashback version.. Ongoing.." you will see that there is no protection on this version what-so-ever. The .adf files were created straight from the .ipf files i.e. 1885 Flashback 4 English OCS EU Retail: Delphine Collection:
Thread is old but I want to add sth. You know what was the funniest thing regarding this version? I've bought it long time ago although I don't have it now, that publisher included manual with protection codes. Of course there wasn't any moment to enter any code from beginnig till end. And this legal version was the one which I could ever finish. In previous version didn't work savegames or I couldn't pass protection screen.
Ah, of course, PC and Amiga codes were diffrent.
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