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Originally Posted by alexh View Post
Very few where the people got something they didn't own following a court case concerning a sequal.

It would be like a company who entered into a contract to make StarWars Episode 7 and future episodes having been told they cannot release it and cannot make anything StarWars related in the future then suing LucasFilm and ending up owning the entire StarWars franchise including the previous movies.

I could imagine them being allowed to release the StarWars 7 they made and being able to use the original characters etc. for new productions (within the scope of an agreement) but I cannot see them ending up owning the StarWars franchise.
I don't want to get into analogy wars and I understand where you are going with the star wars stuff. All I am saying, in reply to user "amiga" is that just because someone creates something, doesn't mean they always own it. Sometimes things are sold, sometimes they are given away in a settlement or whatever.

It was clear yesterday that "The Amiga Operating System" as settled out of court, is the property of Hyperion. Just because employees of Hyperion may have had little or no part at all in creating any of the original code doesn't mean that the company doesn't own the OS now.

It was not my intent to argue over the literal WORD Amiga, the "concept" of Amiga, the Amiga hardware or any other IP's that may still be unresolved regarding Amiga. Just the operating system...
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