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Originally Posted by amiga View Post
Let me understand: it means Hyperion needs Amiga OS 3.1 in order to develop its own clone ?? Maybe os4 contains parts of Workbench 3.1 ?

Anyway, have they also the rights to the old amiga kickstart roms ??
If so, they should release 'em for free, along with Workbench 3.1 (and 1.3). The Commodore Amiga enthusiasts (like us on EAB), would be happy.
I was in attendance when this was announced at Ami West yesterday by Steve Solie of Hyperion.

The first thing to note is that Amiga OS 4.X ***IS*** the Amiga OS, not a clone. MorphOS, Aros etc. are clones. Amiga OS 4.X is based on the original Amiga OS kernel.

When Steve mentioned that we should expect a big announcement by the end of the year, many started to ask if this was possibly eluding to X86 (intel) development which was answered with "We will have an exciting announcement by the end of the year." Take from that what you will, but like many of you, I know I am not buying an expensive PowerPC system to put the latest Amiga OS on it. If I could put it on a spare intel machine, I might consider it. I think the math is there, and hopefully the next true Amiga OS will not be legacy / specialty hardware dependent.

So, why would a for profit business give away their stuff for free? I wouldn't, and I don't think you are going to see classic operating systems and ROMs being given away. Also, don't expect any sort of open source initiative with the Amiga OS.

It was also surprising to hear how many question, directed at a Hyperion rep, were actually about Morphos, or Amiga Inc. Clearly the Amiga community is still confused as to who owns what, what operating system is what, who works where, etc.
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