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Originally Posted by Graham Humphrey View Post
It was in there last week (still browsing in Smiths ).

Didn't see any announcement in there about it - there was one a while ago saying it was to be discontinued but I'm sure they changed their mind due to demand or something? Or did I make that up?

Will have a look next time I'm out and about.
Hi Graham,

Yes, it was a while ago I saw that announcement, so it's probably the same one you remember.

I've quickly looked through some recent issues that I still have and there are Amiga Mart sections featuring Amiga Forever 2009, Amiga OS 4.1, Minimig, SAM440EP Flex, Competition Pro joystick new build, Gnash, MindSpace 1.2, SAM Flex 733 and the Amiga North Thames Amiga Revival Fair 2009, so maybe they have changed their mind.
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