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Floppy disk

^wut turrican3 said !

'Got a little something for you. I went a bit further along the road of testing filters, and I have made short clips of the most popular ones, while running Menace in demo mode with the assistance of Camtasia Studio & Powerstrip.

The complete archive contains 6 clips among which is a "reference" clip (the no-filter bearing one) + 9 (!) ones with various filters in action.

You understood that before this lenghty testing was achieved, I wasn't really sure which one would look better, and thus that I was somehow anxious to get on the right track, reading your posts on the matter, for me to stick with such filter, didn't you ?
Now, I have my kicks about it (sort of).

May these clips be of some help in deciding which filter to set for future generations of lamulating Amiga'ians (I suggest also watching these from a CRT or a "TV-like" LCD if you have the chance) !
I have updated my "capture videos from an emulator such as WinUAE" HowTo (mind you, it's still valid to some extend, not the least ashamed of it) and now I should try to have it published somewhere.

EDIT : Expanded and enhanced set of clips
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