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If anyone has any questions regarding what an NTSC (the kind from China) can do VS. what a PAL system can do, let me know! I have both here along with PAL and NTSC TV sets.

As you probably know, the NTSC systems can be booted in PAL mode by attaching an Amiga compatible mouse to port 2 and holding down both mouse buttons at powerup. Unfortunately, this doesn't mean that ALL games will load, well at least not all BURNED games. ;-)

So far, most games I have tested that are in PAL either work very poorly or not at all on the NTSC CD32 systems booted in NTSC. Some of them (ZOOL for instance) come right out and say they won't work with a custom screen.

Anyway, I love my CD32! There is something nice about just having it there in console form that makes it special for some reason.
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