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Originally posted by Akira

Serenade - A great shell replacement, I got rid of that unstable explorer.exe and use a much nicer, simple, NeXTStep-like interface. This is by far my preferred OS interface, and this shell replacement is great because it's VERY easy on the processor (no unneeded eyecandy), looks OK, and it's VERY stable, much more than Windows' own Explorer. I recommend, again, an old version for maximum stability! Versions 5 and newer if any) were a bit full of bloat.
I've installed last version and the fucking bitch almost fucks my Windows :kill

I got this message after reboot my computer: "c:\Archivos de programa\S5\S5.exe can not be executed. Please reinstall Windows"

Thanks to MS-DOS I could edit system.ini and change shell line.

@TG If you want a shell/explorer replacement try Windows Commander, is shareware but is the best util ever created and is programmed in Delphi 2.0
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