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Cool blackcornflake’s Pretty Good at Amiga Arcade Games Quiz

OK. Spotting a gap in the EAB market for a quiz not involving naming a game via a teeny portion of a screen grab, or one based around knowledge of adventure games (with ‘elves’, ‘dragons’, ‘horses’ and other make-believe creatures in them), I hereby give you, without procrastination, cunctation or, for that matter, much consideration, a little quiz about Amiga arcade games. Here be no RPGs. All that is required is for you to be not bad at some games I happen to have played recently.

If you find any of the questions too obscure, just fire up the relevant game and play to find the answer. It’ll only take five minutes. If you are good enough, muwahahaha. I’ve even given you multiple choice. Here are 5 fabulous things…

1. Slamtilt
Ace of Space table. Alien Attack multiball mode. What is the value of the Super Jackpot, available after killing all the aliens?

a) 25 million
b) 50 million
c) 30 million

2. Sensible Golf
What does the commentator shout when a hole is completed 3 shots under par? (Discounting a hole-in-one on a Par 4). Sequence: -1= ‘Birdie!’, -2= ‘Eagle!!’, -3=…

a) ‘Albatross!!!’
b) ‘At last!!!’
c) Nothing but polite applause from the crowd

3. Kingpin
What is the name given to the 10th consecutive strike in a game?

a) Turkey
b) 10-bagger
c) No special name: Strike

4. Guardian
Level 100 is completed.* What happens?

a) Nice outro and credits
b) Start Level 1 again
c) Start Level 101, obviously

5. Deluxe Pacman**
What happens when a screen is cleared of pills, then the power pills are consumed?

a) Jump to bonus screen
b) Extra life awarded
c) Nothing special

*OK, this will take slightly more than five minutes.

**Author's homepage, Amiga section: Remember to register!
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