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Actually, you're not the only with this. Just noticed I have the same thing (garbage at bottom) with b17 if I switch between full window/windowed modes, at least with Direct3D filters and native screenmodes.

I have done absolutely zero troubleshooting on this yet, so can't offer any advice for a possible solution at this point (and am not ready to post anything in the beta thread yet - if you have done some regression testing already you might want to do that and start troubleshooting with Toni).

Only thing I can say that I'm running DX AUG 2009 & Radeon HD 4850 with last month's drivers (haven't checked if this month's update is available yet) on XP x64, so this is not for example GeForce specific issue.

Edit: It seems as the "LED" portion gets corrupted when switching modes. Maybe gfx card backbuffer gets corrupted for some reason?
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