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Originally Posted by asm1 View Post
Ok as a kind of ex-Acorn (you never really leave! ) nut, I'm intrigued. How much did you manage to "upgrade" the A3000?


x86 A3000 - Did this a while ago. Quite pleased with the result but after a while I missed having a 'proper' A3000 so...

Upgraded A3000 - Fairly well upgraded as displayed, then it died.
Got it working again yesterday, sadly with a replacement ARM3 - I hope to God my ultra-rare ARM3+FPA10 isn't fritzed. The mobo has got a bit unstable of late, so maybe not.
This has delayed the various other upgrades I've either already made or have planned:

-Upgraded PSU
-Turbo Board
-50mhz VIDC Enhancer!
-HD-Floppy Hack
-Internal slot-loader

-Internal Network Card
-Hacked A5000 8mb board (as I can't find an A3000 one)

I would LOVE a proper 8mb board as hacking an A5000 one will be really pushing my soldering skills...
...internal network by plugging in a standard mini-podule card, then soldering a WE HDD mini-podule onto the back of it as it's small enough to fit with an IDE-CF adaptor - I'm lead to believe the mini-podule bus will support up to four podules & selecting (Pod 0, 1, 2, etc) is a matter of swapping a couple of pins, so far I can't find the specific info - do you know..?

Sorry, rambling posts tend to ensue when peeps show an interest in Acorn stuff.

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