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In chronological order:

Commodore Plus/4

...then for six long years nothing...

Amiga 500
80386DX - 40MHz
Super NES
Atari Lynx
Sega GameGear
Nintendo Game Boy
Sega Mega Drive
Super NES (for the 2nd time)
80486DX4 - 100 MHz
Amiga 500 (for the 2nd time)
Sony Playstation
Pentium - 133 MHz
Sony Playstation (for the 2nd time)
Nintendo 64
Pentium III - 450 MHz (after its processor died I got a 550 MHz one through warranty)
Sega Dreamcast
Nintendo Game Boy Advance
Athlon - 1.4 GHz
Sony Playstation 2
Nintendo GameCube
Nintendo Game Boy Advance SP
Pentium IV - 2.4 GHz
Microsoft X-Box
Notebook Pentium IV - 2.0 GHz
GamePark GP32
Sony PSP
Notebook Athlon 64x2 - 1.7GHz
Sony Playstation 3
Notebook Dualcore - 2.1 GHz

coming soon: Pandora...

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