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Hmmm, lets keep this simple:

BBC B - repo'd by father's work
ZX81 - bit of a downgrade, that
BBC B, again - because I was an ungrateful little bugger
Acorn A3000 - since um, altered*
RiscPC - had for years, now gone to a good home
Original PSX - bought by wife
Various x86 Boxes - mostly uber gaming rigs
-Starting to go 'retro'-
Another RiscPC - Black 'n White model
Last full-on x86 system - almost unused
x86 A3000*
Another RiscPC - Uber, Kinetic, Viewfinder, bla, bla...
Amiga A1200 - tasteful red snakeskin 'n gold, I kid you not!
Another A1200 - Uber '060 with lots of extras, still adding to it
CD 32 - with a shed load of original games
Zonbu Mini - for playing, still not sure what
Acorn A3000 - The most upgraded A3000 ever..?
2x Oric Atmos - brand new cases, for x86 projects
Acorn A3020 - since gone to a good home
BBC Master - thanks TC!
Mac Classic SE - gutted for another x86 project
Cobalt Qube - 'sgot to be retro
HP TC 1100 - main computer these days
Yet another A3000 - as a test bed for hacks
Yet another RiscPC - another test bed for hacks
Cobalt Qube - now really seriously modified...
Dell SX280 - surprisingly good little computer...

...roughly in order, some have since moved on.
There's also a bunch of laptops 'n stuff that's not worth mentioning.
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