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Interesting thread! Good to see a few Mac owners.

From the start : (this is in order of when I had it, when I got rid of it and in some cases got back again)

Spectrum 48k
Commodore 64
Commodore 64 (still own)
Amiga A500
Amiga A500+
Amiga 1200 (still own)
Sam Coupe
Some home built PC P4 3ghz
Dreamcast (still own)
DS Lite (still own)
Gamecube (still own)
iMac 20", soon to be replaced with... (still own)
MacBook Pro
One crappy Pentium M laptop with XP for Cisco stuff (still own)

I also still own through acquisition over the past many years :

2 rubber keyed Speccy 48k
7 Commodore 64s of various ages
Amiga A600
4 A1200s of various ages
Sega Megadrive
Nintendo SNES
2 Gamecubes
Sega Dreamcast
Nintendo N64

Sure I've missed something off there.
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