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Challenger 1P Superboard II (try finding that!)
Vic 20
C 64 (eventually bodgied with old pet 1001 drives to become a BBS)
SX - 64 (to replace the C64)
Amiga 500
IBM PS2 50 (the 'joys' of a new job after the Army)
Amiga 2000 (because work sucks)
---- Moved to the US and left all computers home in Australia.
Various PC's built from scratch - mostly running linux.

Mac PowerPC - for work - Avid Media Composer.
Souped up PC - for work - because Avid decided to go PC
Mac Pro - because work decided Final Cut was a better deal than Avid

And back to a PC again, because I told work to shove it.

I have a few PC's nothing knock-over because I don't really need it - a 2.3g dual core with a terrabyte of drive space for doing video work, a couple of older ones, one for linux and tooling around and another to run a minimum spec X Amiga (used to run AMithlon, but what's the point?) - and a rebuilt Amiga 2000.

So I guess I'm Mac, PC, and Linux.
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