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I think I'm a PC lol.....

Owners Progression thus:

BBC Micro - 5.25" Disk, tape recorder added later
Acorn A3010.

Gateway 2000 P5-90 8mb, 1Gig HDD 2meg graphics... which got several toys added
Ended up with 48MB Ram and 8.4 GB HD running a 200MMX Overdrive and an Orchid Righteous 4MB 3DFX PCI graphics card..... Was a reasonable Win 95/98 machine.

Viglen (Ugh) Genie II, 4MB ATI Rage IIc graphics, 64MB RAM NT 4 (uni Build so didn't have a choice)
Didn't do much with this one apart from a Zip 250 and then a CDRW drive.... upgraded with a 128MB RAM chip for total of 192 MB.

Viglen P4 1.8GHz PC 512MB Ram 20 Gig disk. Another Uni machine that I was given to use for my masters.In accordance with Hungry Horace's Signature, this was my "Putain de Salopard" machine which convinced me to build my own....

1st Home build

3.0GHz P4 80Gig HD 1024MB ram ATI 9800 Pro graphics (with an XT bios woo)

Home build1.5

3.4 GHz P4, Nicer motherboard, WD raptors in Raid 0, Ati X800XTPE DVDROM/DVD-RW

Current Beastie:

Ah fed up doing this

Amiga 1200.... woo!

Other of note:

Atari Lynx II (got recently lol)
Spectrum 48k (borrowed)
Acorn Electron (borrowed)
BBC Master (School)
Acorn Archimedes A310 (School)
BBC A3000 (School)
Acorn A3010/20/4000/5000 (never had a Risc PC at school though )

Or Maybe I'm an Acorn

PS: Forgot the PS3
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