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Okay... I take it this is some sort of "Forgive me Father, for I have sinned" thread...

Atari 2600
Atari 400
Atari 7800
ZX Spectrum 48K
Acorn Electron with Plus 1
Commodore 64
Commodore 64C (2nd Version)
Amiga 500
Amiga 500+
Amiga 600
Amiga 1200
Apricot Xi
IBM Model 30 PC (286)
Playstation 1
PS One
Xbox 1
Compaq LT 286 laptop
Compaq Deskpro EN PC (866 Celeron)
Compaq 9100 laptop (P4 2.6 Ghz)
Nintendo Game Boy
Nintendo Game Boy Color
All sorts of self-built PCs, from 386s, 486s, AMD K5 and K6s, Pentium 1 and 2 and 3s, Celerons up to 3.2Ghz, Athlons / Semprons up to 2.4Ghz.

How many "Hail Marys" is this list gonna cost me....

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