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i'm all 3. They are all capable of failing in various different departments. I prefer OSX for "day to day" usage however.

ZX-Spectrum 48k (not really mine though)
ZX-Spectrum +2 128k
Amiga 500
CD32 + SX-1
Nindendo Gameboy (Original)
Amiga 1200 - was upgraded to 030 then downgraded back
Amiga 1200T 030 (a different machine)
PC with Windoze (dont ask me what spec)
PC with Windoze XP - 1ghz Intel
Macbook 2.2ghz Dualcore
Nintedo DS Lite
PS3 (with Linux installed)

At some point after the second PC i put the Amiga's 030 back in the normal case a1200

I havent listed where i've had the same machine with lower (or same) spec twice, or where i've picked up "spares" from unwanting owners.
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