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Originally Posted by alexh View Post
The only annoying thing for me on both platforms was the combat. It was too slow and the animations became annoying after a while. The first time I played Ambermoon on WinUAE was a MUCH more enjoyable time as you could use the FastForward feature and the game is soooo much more fun.
My peecee isn't really fast enough to handle that properly: PIII 550 mhz
Originally Posted by Wolfus View Post
Thorham maybe you just don't know about use of right mouse button Without it movement really sucks...
I've only tried the left button, if I'm not mistaken. I'll check it out.
Originally Posted by st-th View Post
You hopefully don't use the arrow keys (or arrow buttons) to navigate around?

Use the mouse in the 2d/3d window instead, it's by far the fastest method.
The cursor keys actually do produce proper, fluid movement, but my keyboard controller (or keyboard ?) can't handle two of them being pressed at the same time
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