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Hey everyone. Remember back when we were younger and you could walk into a newsagency and find many different Amiga magazines to choose from? Do you miss those days when you could read an Amiga magazine on the bus or at school, finding out about all the latest news, game reviews and hardware expansions? Well, fear not, as the world is not completely devoid of Amiga publications.

In this thread I'd like to list every magazine currently being published or worked on that includes Amiga content, as well as link to places where you can download new issues or purchase older issues of magazines now out of print. I don't know them all right now, but I'll list as many as I can think of, and if anyone knows of a magazine I can add to the list, please let us know here and I'll update this first post.

I will separate the list into two sections; Print magazines and downloadable/printable magazines. You can still find some print magazines in newsagencies around the world, and there are many others that can be easily obtained by subscribing online. I'll also list the languages the magazines are available in. Some magazines are Amiga specific, while others are general computer/games magazines with regular Amiga sections and articles in them.

So, here's the list!

Print Magazines

Amiga Future - (English and German/Deutsch editions)
Retro Gamer - (English)
GamesTM - (English)
Total Amiga - (English) (Out of print)
Micro Mart - (English)
CVG Magazine - (English)
Amiga Power - (French/Français)
Bitplane - (Italian/Italiano)
Lotek64 - (German/Deutsch)
Retro - (German/Deutsch)
Pix 'n' Love - (French/Français)
C & A Fan - (Polish/Polski)

Downloadable Magazines

#Amiga Guide - (English edition)
Amiga Guiden - (Norwegian/Norsk edition)
Amiga Point of View - (English)
NewsTek - (English)
RGCD - (English)
Commodore Free - (English)
RetroAction - (English)
CVG Magazine - (English)
C & A Games - (Polish)
Greek Amiga Magazine - (Greek)
Obligement - (French/Français)
Lotek64 - (German/Deutsch)
Retro - (German/Deutsch)
Pix 'n' Love - (French/Français)
C & A Fan - (Polish/Polski)

Old Magazine Scans

Several out-of-print Amiga magazines can also be downloaded from the Amiga Future archives -

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