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Re: Wooo Hooo... HD for Amiga

Originally posted by Djay
swapped my GBC + 2 games for.....
An Amiga 1200 with 85mb SCSI 2.5HD
plus a load of boxed games etc.. etc...
VERY nice trade!
now i know that one or more of these Apps can be used for ADF transfering, anyone have a good idea of how to use them?
ADFBlitzer does the transfer thing methinks... The others are a mix of disk writers/compressors and other stuff.

I have a problem with my internal floppy drive... most of the time the floppy disk appears as "DF0:????", but no disk is inserted, sometimes its ok (rarely thou)... i know my internal drive always thought that disk were write protected... this may have something to do with it, mmmmmm
Stuffed disk drive probably. Open it up and see if it's properly connected... Doesn't it take longer than usual to bootup? it would be stuck for 10/20 seconds or so with the floppy drive light turned on...
Same thing happens when you connect a normal PC drive to an Amiga without an interface or modifying it. (or dipswitching it correctly if this applies). Check for this too.
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