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Thank you, CPC464! But developers will never do this, as they are only interested in the lowest common denominator and the bottom line (and the easiest route via engines). Which explains why the influx of emulation is far more than a passing fleet of fancy for revisionist pack-rats. It's the only escape in a world that has decided substance is a bother. A 3D engine is a wig on the head of a whore. And I don't like my favorite games from the past being put out on the streets sleeping with every fleabag on the streets.

And Dastardly, you are so right about Tekken 3. I can never tire of that game and have played it more than any game on any platform. It's always new and never boring. Opponent range (with a second human player) always guarantees a unique gaming experience. I am generally very good at the game, but have played people who can humiliate me so bad with their strategies that I am still in a huff over (YEARS LATER!) And I am not much of a fan of the fighting/beat-em-up genre to begin's just another genre to me. I am more fond of cutesy platform arcade romps. But there is something in that game that is more addictive than Coca-Cola. But above all else, it's just FUN!
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