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Deleavive, it won't help with the Icon issue, and yes ENV-handler is a very nice way to save memory. But these packs are just a base install for users to configure themselves. They are not and can never be a perfect solution out of the box.

So while I agree it is in most cases better enabled, certain things I like to leave disabled if they have the possibility of causing problems. On the default ClassicWB installs, it saves very little memory. If the user installs more items, it may be required but it is a system patch. I was actually thinking of disabling more patches by default and letting the user opt-in, because on rare occasions they can cause issues.

I try and have as few patches enabled by default as possible. As you've probably noticed, my install is the only one where you can enable and disable everything pretty easily from menus. It's probably the most accessible Workbench from that point of view, along with the fact you can multi-boot into a pure (patch-less) Workbench as well.

With this in mind, I think its safer to leave this disabled and let people easily enable it from the menus if they notice it saves them more memory.
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