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I forgot to add, you change the Workbench text colour through the Workbench Prefs tool like Deleavive showed in his pic and Cyber Druid explained - you don't need to use Scalos palette for that. If it wasn't saving, I can't explain it. So it's not a bug, as it works fine my end. Some of the other items you do need to change in the Scalos prefs as tero said. Looks like you've sorted that? This thread is hard to follow!!!!

Also, to change pens in the Scalos prefs palette editor, you drag and drop the colours fixed in place on the left to the pens box on the right. Kitty, you asked what the pink colour was for - it's for girls! No really, it's part of a fixed palette to ensure compatibility with magicwb icons, of which there are plenty kicking around. Without those fixed colours, you get strange colour effects in the icons.

Scalos has a few bugs, but nothing serious enough to get in the way of anything. Run the same patches separately to get similar features in a standard Workbench and you will come across more problems. I know because I've thoroughly tested both types of configs. It does require more user knowledge however; something I gained by reading the provided manuals. The new Scalos I just can't get working right on standard A1200's and Workbench 3.0/1 - it seems focused at OS3.5/9.

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