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Originally posted by Akira

And Tekken sucks Worst "fighting" game ever, down there with Dangerous Streets!

Tekken (3) is the best fighting game EVER created. With an equally good human opponent, it has an almost limitless lifespan. I have been playing this game against a friend of mine for years and every fight is unique. Ive never played a game on any system where yours skills can be honed to such a degree.
My personal fave is performing a deliberate move that will be countered by my mate just so I can 'chicken' his counter! THE ULTIMATE HUMILIATION and then watch him grit his teeth with fury!
When you see a fight between 2 people who know what they are doing, it really is an impressive sight. In my experience, people who dont like Tekken have had a quick go and found it too hard and have given up. LIGHTWEIGHTS
I would challenge anyone to face my Lei WuLong

sorry, rant over
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