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As mentioned above, wallpaper scaling will need the GUIgfx flag ticked in the Scalos pattern prefs.

Originally Posted by Kitty View Post
OK I managed to get a screen grab while the icons were loading up, despite how quick it happens! check below ..
Wow Kitty, you're hard to please! No one has every mentioned the rendering of the Newicons before under Scalos! As you said, it happens really fast.

It does it on real A1200's too:

[ Show youtube player ]

It has to map the colours of the icon to the Workbench, so on slower machines you see the rendering "glitch". It doesn't do it under normal Workbench and the Newicon patch, so it is an exclusive effect to Scalos.

You can get rid of it, but would have to clear Transparent flag in the Scalos prefs. Problem then is, icons will have a background.

Scalos does have a few little quirks, but its advantages are far greater for many users. Perhaps not in your case however, if you just want something simple to use.

As others said above, perhaps you may find AmigaSYS better as it doesn't use Scalos:

Or the ClassicWB LITE version, as suggested above, is more straight forward.

If you have OS3.9, then Amikitt is a more polished choice for P96 displays:

Or the original AIAB, but I don't have the link.

The new Amigaforever pack is a good all round package for beginners too, if you're willing to pay.

You've learnt quite a bit about Workbench and WInUAE now. Go and try some of the other packs and decide what works for you.
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