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Originally Posted by Deleauvive View Post
I did wrote about the A4000 QuickConfig, and then what ? Will you complain if the A4000 config gets updated with JIT disabled, some megs of RTG memory set.. ? I don't get it.
Originally Posted by Deleauvive View Post
I proposed two A4000 from my custom config. to replace the QuickConfig one, and up to these day, they haven't been challenged (except they might not have cycle-exact enabled), they're based on datasheets I looked upon of course.
You didn't asked for it to be adjusted, you asked for it to be replaced by yours. Maybe just some unfortunate wording on your side, but why do you think Kitty shouldn't use the configs Bloodwych provided? Like he said she can always adapt it to her liking once she got the grips of it.

Originally Posted by Deleauvive View Post
And I am the one dragging the threads off-topic .
Originally Posted by Deleauvive View Post
Just a hint : If you're running the WB @640x512, then you should be googling for 1280x1240 sized wallpapers (like this one) to retain the 1,25 ratio.

But I've noticed sometimes the 1280x1024 from a given set were not proportionally resized and thus appear distorted.
You did by again going into unanswered topics. I think the problem is that you try to help people where help isn't really needed. If someone wants to play WHDLoad games error-free with WinUAE, he or she doesn't need a perfectly looking WB. Noone needs to deal with WB screen modes for that. If someone asks a questions about these things, I'm sure you can provide some useful stuff, but dragging each topic that barely touches that into telling people how to setup and configure a 'perfect' WB isn't really helpful.
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