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Ok, you can blame Fairlight for this one

It all started out with Robocop 3 Platinum Edition (Budget release). This was going to be NOMAD's last release for Fairlight, because it worked on AGA Amiga's, unlike the first version of Robocop 3. We stuck a txt message to it explaining why we released it (because it worked on AGA, no other reason), and it seemed to give others an excuse for re-releasing other budget titles.

With the exception of the Team 17 games, very few (VERY few!) games that were re-released were any different, but that didn't stop groups claiming otherwise.

By the time people wondered about Apidya, no one really knew whether it was fake or not.

The game itself is the same as the Quartex crack that was released first time around, except a title logo was changed.

Thats it.. mystery over I'm afraid!

Put it this way, if it was such an important release.... do you think GOD or Wanted Team would have gotten there first?
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