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Funny how you "select" information sometimes kitty , because the other .hdf from the UAE archive has the copper effect instead of a backdroped wallpaper (a bit antinomic to retro workbenching if you ask me) , which if I remember well you were craving for at the time you were using v3.1, or weren't you ?
I havnt deserted my old setup, just having a play with Classic Workbench, I'm not sure if I will use Classic Workbench as my default Amiga Platform, I find the basic older setup far easier to use.

I have installed the Amiga 1200 config now on Classic Workbench, it feels a bit buggy though. When you open an icon or flick between clicking icons theres a buggy type of quick flash, I dont know if anyone knows what I mean by this, I think its too quick to capture on screengrab.
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