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I found some info on it on (probably got the pic on there too a while ago).

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It`s "just" the prototype of the AGA-GO kit develop but never released by DCE. This piece of hardware has an A1200 style accleratorslot so you could just pop in a BlizzardPPC. This combination has never been seen working.
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For the Turbo, well I remember DCE Indeed prototyped their "AGA-Go Kit" for A500/2000.(and no, no mockup, IIRC it did indeed work) However, they dropped that because in the end this AGA Kit would have been more expensive than a plain A1200. While it may make a nice retro-geek-addon nowadays, people back in 98 wheren`t using their Machines all for Retro.
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There was even a working prototype of a accelerator with the aga chipset for the a500. The only reason it was not released, was that they found it to be too expensive to compete with the a1200.
edit: found where I got it from now

and thus it went to the the great prototype heaven in the skies...

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