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Originally Posted by Kitty;603873

1.) I want to change the background, any suggestions how to and pointers to some nice new papers, maybe with a nice big Orange & White 'Boing' :)

2.) Some of the icons on the desktop I probaly wont use, how do I remove them without breaking anything, are they just shortcuts?

3.) Can I use my old configs with this version of Classic Workbench or would I have to set them up all again?

4.) What is the folder 'PC' for?

5.) When I tried to load the A1200 Config it went to the install procedure, does this need a seperate install just to use the Amiga 1200 Config?

1) To change the background, go to the menu in the top left hand corner (or from the Run icon on the desktop) Settings->Scalos->Pattern. Here you can select a new background picture.

2) The icons have been "left out", a feature of Workbench. Left click an icon once, then right click to bring up the context menu. Select Position->Put Away. This will return the icon to it's containing drawer. If you want to put an icon back on the desktop, use the Leave out option.

You can also make icons remember their position by using the snapshot feature you'll find in those menus too.

3) I would suggest using the ones that come with the UAE pack as they are optimised for best compatibility. Then use those two configs as a base settings file and change them how you want. Your own config files may not have RTG ram for the P96 version or correct HDF files and directories setup. Once you know your way around WinUAE, you can use any config you want.

4) The PC drawer is a mounted Windows folder that acts like a hard drive. If you look in the WinUAE hard drive tab, you will see it mounted and where it points to. If you look in the Windows ClassicWB directory, you will see the same PC folder (ClassicWB/PC). You can place files in here from within Windows, so you can then access those same files when you boot WinUAE and the ClassicWB. In other words, you can put new background files in that PC folder and access them to use as described in step 1.

5) Yes, you have to install both of them separately because they are two separate Workbench setups combined into one. They share certain drawers like Games. The reason is some games don't like P96 and/or JIT, so there is a non-JIT Workbench/setup also provided for that more authentic Amiga experience (how it would feel on a real A1200 without a graphics card and superfast CPU).

You really should watch the vids on the main webpage - they explain how to use WHDLoad packs:

Also read the tips and FAQ on the main webpage. Plus, for WHDLoad, you will need the extra ROMS for some games:

If not, some will give you missing ROM errors.

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