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Ok I succesfully installed the UAE Version of Classic Workbench (Default Resolution for fresh install is 800x600 Deleauvive, is that wrong )

I need to pimp it out the way I want it though;

1.) I want to change the background, any suggestions how to and pointers to some nice new papers, maybe with a nice big Orange & White 'Boing'

2.) Some of the icons on the desktop I probaly wont use, how do I remove them without breaking anything, are they just shortcuts?

3.) Can I use my old configs with this version of Classic Workbench or would I have to set them up all again?

4.) What is the folder 'PC' for?

5.) When I tried to load the A1200 Config it went to the install procedure, does this need a seperate install just to use the Amiga 1200 Config?

I've probaly got many more questions but that will do for now

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