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Well, at least most OCS demos work with kick 1.3, and I'm sure Coma does. Running an executable demo "in DF0" in WinUAE (as suggested) usually works - unless the demo expects *exclusively* what was regarded as "the normal Amiga" in 1988-1991.

Only a few early games and demos require kick 1.2 (or Amiga 1000, even fewer and earlier). Usually it's assumption made when loading tracks for these ones.

Most coders only had their own machine then, and couldn't test on other setups before releasing.

Usual rules:

-for really old stuff is: "music playing but crap or nothing on screen" or just "crap or nothing onscreen" = remove all fast/slowmem.
-old stuff+Guru or doesn't load tracks, go kick 1.2.
-demo exits to command line without starting: add 512k slowmem.

On Bitworld there is usually a link from each demo to the packdisks it was spread to the world on. The packdisks were usually made to at least allow to turn drives off, and sometimes freed some memory to make sure their release (of the release :P) would run.

None of these rules are perfect, but if one wants to really REALLY see the demo, one has to adapt the rig to what the coder had, at least sometimes...
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