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New N00b Here! =p

I recently traded for an NTSC Amiga CD32 system and was recommended to join this forum by a couple of members on DigitPress's forums. I've been having a hard time getting into the system because a) I don't have a TV that can properly display PAL; b) I can't find any reasonably-priced games for the system; c) most of the burns I've made of games have shown me which ones to AVOID purchasing rather than which to buy if/when I can find them (so far I've gotten the most traction out off Darkseed... at least there's no jump button in that game, so I'm not constantly pushing up on the D-pad XD).

So anyway, about me... I'm a bit of a game collector, console gamer only tho. My main interests are RPGs and horror-themed games. Besides gaming I'm casually into anime and... a bit of a music snob I guess. I also used to be an avid reader, but I just don't seem to have the time anymore. Doesn't help that the local library lost a book I returned and now expect me to pay them $80 to replace it/cover late fees. XD

Well, I suppose this is long enough. Anyways, hi everybody!

[edit: oh yeah, I almost forgot... what is WITH the picture quiz when you try to register an account? I mean I can understand having it as a security measure, but... the pics either don't show what it's asking for, or it's really difficult to tell that they do. The first one I got was "Click the picture of a horse." Yet, none of the pics depicted a horse (that I could see/tell was a horse). I refreshed and got "Click the picture of a bridge." Unfortunately, there were several pics that looked like they showed a bridge! After getting that one wrong, I got "Click the picture of a prisoner." I got that right, but man is it hard to tell that guy is a prisoner. If it wasn't for the door with bars on it (that is incredibly small in the pic) I would have gotten that one wrong too. Anyway, just had to rant about that for a minute, sorry.]
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